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Reach the Beach!

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Sure we have beach scenes in Seattle. You want your products photographed against a setting sun? We can do that! This was our challenge for Paula’s Choice recently. With some digital magic and a bit of summer inspiration, we were able to bring the sunshine inside our Seattle studio. 

For the cosmetics photograph, we needed to bring the products together seamlessly with a stock photo background, so we shot them on a painted adirondack chair against a blue seamless background to match the blue sky. This helped create the right reflections in our shiny products when photographed in our studio. Precise masking was needed to knock out that background and reveal the sunny beach photo. Throw in some blurring to the background for depth, and you have a convincing composite that puts the Paula’s Choice products at a summer hot spot.

For the skincare product image, we added seashells, towels, and of course sand. Lots of sand. When photographing sand, you need a decent amount to create the proper contours and forms. While digital photography makes reviews a snap, there is a certain amount of trial and error to get the sand to flow just right while keeping the product from looking messy. Our client had the cool idea to make impressions in the sand with shells which took some finesse as well.


We are always ready to take our photo productions on location, but it is nice to know that we can get you there in other ways when necessary.  Through email, our client was able to oversee every variation and create just the right images for their summer product promotions!


Tennis Anyone?

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tennis shoe

We have been enjoying a great partnership with Tennis Set, as they build their online superstore for anything and everything tennis. We have been digitally photographing racquets, tennis shoes, men’s and women’s apparel, and more! This project has been a challenge in volume, roughly 2500 studio product shots to date, and in file management and consistency. We have dedicated Chad as the sole photographer on this highly streamlined project. He has developed lighting and post production techniques to deliver beautiful results on a tight timeline and budget. We look forward to Tennis Set becoming the premier online Tennis Superstore!


In Catalog Photography, Digital Photography, Photography, Product Photography, Studio, website photography on May 28, 2008 at 1:19 am

Welcome to our photo blog! We welcome your input as we chronicle our world in digital photography. We will try to post often and keep clients and friends up to date with studio happenings. For those of you who don’t know us, this can be a place to get to know us and the way we work. You can find out more in the about page, of course, and by visiting our website at!